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Legends Tower part of Boardwalk at Bricktown development

"Just another out-of-scale, look-at-me, ego-trip design" says commenter

In this week's comments update, readers are discussing the news that Oklahoma City Council has approved an "unlimited height" for Legends Tower.

If completed, Legends Tower will be 581 metres tall, making it the tallest skyscraper in the US and the fifth tallest in the world – part of an aim to "transform the city into a global destination".

Full size Legends Tower lit up at night
"Unlimited height" approved for proposed tallest skyscraper in the US

"'Mines bigger than yours!' Who honestly cares?"

Commenters were largely unimpressed. "It's going to take a helluva lot more than one very tall building for Oklahoma City to 'transform the city into a global destination'," jeered Evil Doer. "These people are delusional," they added.

Meanwhile, John Lakeman deemed it "just another out-of-scale, look-at-me, ego-trip design."

"I wonder if it will become known as 'The Tallest Empty Building in the US'," pondered The Truth in a comment that was upvoted 12 times. "'Unlimited hubris' sounds better," suggested Jim Angrabright.

"'Mines bigger than yours!' Who honestly cares?" added Alfred Hitchcock.

Anklam was on the same page and argued "just because they can build an insanely tall tower does not mean they should."

However, Armagob was less disparaging and argued "I think it would be fantastic, I'd go there just to see it."

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Timber table and benches John Pawson
John Pawson unveils pared-back furniture that is "all about the timber"

"Pawson's designs are like eating a slice of unadorned white bread"

Also attracting plenty of attention in the comments section this week was the news that John Pawson created a made-to-order wooden furniture collection for Danish manufacturer Dinesen, with each furniture piece based on the span of a  timber board.

"It's like furniture you can buy on Etsy," wrote an unfazed Whateverandeveramen.

"Pawson's designs are so trite and expected," lamented Tom Roberts. They added "I would hate to be seated at a dinner party in a 'bench' with no back". "Perhaps a consideration of comfort would improve his designs," they concluded.

"I've never understood the obsession with Pawson," agreed commenter O. They continued "his designs are like eating a slice of unadorned white bread – no jam, no butter, no salt."

Ben Dover responded, "well, when the slice of bread is really delicious, I guess it doesn't really need anything on it."

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Brighton college performing arts centre
Krft sculpts "bulging" form for Brighton College arts centre

"Love it – a building that's been designed not decorated"

Readers reacted more positively to a performing arts centre created by Dutch studio Krft for a college in Brighton, distinguished by its sculptural exterior comprised of grey brick and flint cladding.

"A wonderful, bold, fascinating and welcoming building!" admired Jerry Dickman-Wikes.

Also full of praise, Ken Robertson wrote "love it" and hailed it as "a building that's been designed not decorated."

Pa Varreon thought the performing arts centre was an "amazing structure on a college campus" and called it "contemporary modern brutalism at its best".

JZ was "impressed with how well the building scales with the context" but did point out that "overall, the interior becomes quite conventional very quickly."

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