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Legends Tower

This week an "unlimited height" was approved for the proposed tallest US skyscraper

This week on Dezeen, the Oklahoma City Council approved an "unlimited height" for Legends Tower, a proposed supertall skyscraper designed by architecture studio AO.

If completed, the tower will be the tallest skyscraper in the US – with proposed plans by AO and developer Matteson Capital putting the structure at 581 metres tall.

Following an initial approval of the height in April, the latest decision from the city's planning commission was the final approval needed for the tower – with construction planned to begin later this year.

2024 Serpentine Pavilion
Minsuk Cho unveiled the star-shaped Serpentine Pavilion

In the UK, architect Minsuk Cho unveiled his design for the 23rd Serpentine Pavilion, which features five structures organised in a star-shape around a central courtyard.

Situated in central London's Kensington Gardens, the pavilion named Archipelagic Void contains an auditorium, library and cafe.

Chapel with large windows
A chapel by Lloyd Wright will be disassembled following ongoing landslide

In other architecture news, the Wayfarers Chapel by Lloyd Wright will be disassembled following an ongoing landslide that has resulted in damage to both the chapel and its grounds.

Located on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, the church has remained a popular destination since its completion in 1951 by son of Frank Lloyd Wright, Lloyd Wright. It will be disassembled for preservation.

North American furniture illustration
We highlighted nine independent design studios in Montreal

Continuing our latest editorial series North American Design 2024, we rounded up nine independent design studios based in Montreal, Canada.

Following a continuous process of de-industrialisation in the city, low rent costs, skilled labour and spacious post-industrial spaces have enabled a thriving arts scene that is revealed here.

Pawson Furniture Collection by John Pawson and Dinesen
Pawson unveiled a pared-back furniture collection

In other design news, British designer John Pawson unveiled a pared-back furniture collection for Danish manufacturer Dinesen.

Based on the span of a timber board, the Pawson Furniture Collection comprises two sets of furniture including a Lounge Series and an updated Dining Series.

Villa Eternal Way by OFIS Architekti
A concrete and brick home in Ljubljana was among this week's most-read stories

Popular projects this week included an exposed concrete and brick home in Ljubljana, an arts centre with a "bulging" form in the UK and a flagship store fronted with a brick-screen facade in New York.

Our latest lookbooks featured decadent living rooms with 1970s-style furnishings and bedrooms with decorative platform beds.

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