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Blue storage unit and space divider in Loft in Poblenou by Neuronalab

Ten residential interiors that are refreshed by splashes of blue

The interiors of a guesthouse, micro apartment and beachfront home are among those linked together in this lookbook by their pronounced use of the colour blue.

Blue is a cool-toned colour that helps to create both invigorating and serene interior design schemes, depending on the chosen shade.

From richly pigmented ultramarine – as seen in the work of artist Yves Klein – to understated cobalt and denim shades and playful sky blue, there is a vast spectrum of colourations for designers to select from.

The following projects see blue used to freshen up a range of domestic spaces, from kitchens to living areas and bedrooms.

This is the latest in our lookbooks series, which provides visual inspiration from Dezeen's archive. For more inspiration, see previous lookbooks featuring barn conversions with distinctive interiors and bedrooms containing blocky platform beds.

Urban Cabin by Francesca Perani inbuilt storage
Photo is by Francesca Perani

Urban Cabin, Italy, by Francesca Perani

Blue-painted storage compartments are concealed by hinged lids in this micro apartment designed by architect Francesca Perani.

The richly saturated colour also picks out details in other areas of the space – such as window edges and a slither of one wall – and adds contrast in the otherwise warm-toned, neutral space, which is lined with oriented strand board.

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Casa A12 by Lucas y Hernández-Gil
Photo is by José Hevia

Casa A12, Spain, by Lucas y Hernández-Gil

Spanish studio Lucas y Hernández Gil concealed a small bathroom within a blue corrugated pod in the basement of this apartment in Madrid, which has a striped appearance when reflecting light from two large windows.

The floor-to-ceiling structure is the only permanent fixture in the white-painted space, which is otherwise scantly furnished, allowing it to take centre stage while serving a functional purpose.

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Retroscena apartment renovation by La Macchina Studio in Rome, Italy
Photo is by Paolo Fusco

Retroscena, Italy, by La Macchina Studio

An arched doorway with an extruded, tunnel-like surround, both painted deep blue, creates a portal between the kitchen and bedroom in this Rome apartment by architecture office La Macchina Studio.

The graphic feature was combined with blue accents in other areas of the flat, including a sofa and a sideboard in the living area as well as a moody bathroom with dark blue walls.

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Atelier Janda Vanderghote Entrenous hotel
Photo is by Tim Van de Velde

B&B Entrenous, Belgium, by Atelier Janda Vanderghote

Dusky cobalt kitchen cabinets are among the bespoke blue structures installed during the renovation of this historic house in Ghent by local studio Atelier Janda Vanderghote.

The colour features to some degree in most areas of the building, which now serves as a guesthouse. It was chosen in order to tie the wider material palette together, which combines concrete, terrazzo and wood.

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Living room interior of Out of the Blue apartment in India
Photo is by The Fishy Project

Thane apartment, India, by The Act of Quad

The inside of an arched, wall-mounted drinks cabinet is finished in a deep royal blue in this Indian apartment by local studio The Act of Quad.

Other details picked out in the colour are light fixtures, chairs, decor pieces and hemispherical wooden balls that are dotted around on furnishings, all of which add a sense of dynamism in the otherwise neutrally decorated spaces.

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Blue hearth and timber ceiling beams inside The Author's House by Sleth
Photo is by Rasmus Hjortshøj

The Author's House, Denmark, by Sleth

The open-plan living area of this Danish cabin features a centrally-placed chimney stack rendered with dark blue paint.

Architecture and landscape design office Sleth chose the shade to create playful friction with the rest of the gabled space, which is lined with Douglas fir planks.

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Staircase in Loft in Poblenou by Neuronalab
Photo is by Marcela Grassi

Loft in Poblenou, Spain, by NeuronaLab

Barcelona-based architecture office NeuronaLab added a sky blue multipurpose volume to this loft apartment in the city's Poblenou neighbourhood.

Its light aquamarine exterior is made up of recycled cellulose panels and houses storage as well as a staircase leading to a mezzanine.

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EGR Apartment by Ater Architects
Photo is courtesy of Ater Architects

EGR Apartment, Ukraine, by Ater Architects

Electric blue floor-to-ceiling curtains were used in place of partition walls in this Kyiv apartment designed by Ukrainian studio Ater Architects.

The drapery creates a consistent dramatic presence throughout the interior, and is offset by the otherwise neutral colour and material palette, which includes stone, wooden floorboards and concrete.

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Blue bedroom
Photo by Dave Wheeler

Balmoral Blue House, Australia, by Esoteriko

Interiors studio Esoteriko layered many shades of blue in this monochromatic bedroom, which gives the Balmoral Blue House its name.

A navy blue Componibili storage unit by Kartell acts as a bedside table and sits against a backdrop of cerulean-hued walls, creating a peaceful yet visually striking space.

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Interiors of 2LG Studio's Design House
Photo is by Megan Taylor

Forest Hill house, UK, by 2LG Studio

Concealed within a built-in cupboard, a workstation finished in an invigorating shade of dark blue creates contrast in this pastel-toned kitchen by London design practice 2LG Studio.

Nearby, a square picture window is flanked above and below by azure-tinted semicircular mirrors, adding another blue feature to the space.

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This is the latest in our lookbooks series, which provides visual inspiration from Dezeen's archive. For more inspiration, see previous lookbooks featuring barn conversions with distinctive interiors and bedrooms containing blocky platform beds.