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Diptyque Les Mondes candles by Cristina Celestino

Cristina Celestino designs coloured glass holder for Diptyque's first refillable candle

Italian architect Cristina Celestino has designed a coloured glass candle holder in Diptyque's signature oval shape for the brand's first refillable candle.

Created as part of the Les Mondes de Diptyque collection, the candle holder was designed "to achieve a monolithic volume while maintaining a soft, tactile quality".

Diptyque refillable candle by Cristina Celestino
Refillable wax blocks fit neatly into the glass holder designed by Cristina Celestino

It was created as the brand's first refillable candle and can be used multiple times with replacement oval blocks that fit exactly into the glass form.

According to the brand, it took three years to develop as it needed to ensure the wax would burn evenly in the oval shape and could easily be replaced.

blue Diptyque candle
The refillable candle comes in five colours

Celestino's design stacks a trio of glass rings on top of each other, which is a reference to Diptyque's three founders and "subtly pays homage to their fruitful creative union".

The vessel was manufactured using a pressed glass technique, also referred to as moulded glass – a method used to create intricately designed glassware. The process involves placing molten glass into a mould and then using a plunger or a pneumatic device to press the glass into the desired shape.

"It [pressed glass] is the most suitable for creating a compact object with highly precise and significant details, all while maintaining quality standards," explained Celestino.

"I've always had a deep affinity for glass and consistently experimented with it in crafting small objects like flower vases and, in the case of my brand Attico Design, candle holders."

Wick trimmer and snuffer from Les Mondes des Diptyques collection
The collection incuders a snuffer and wick trimmer

Celestino designed Diptyque's glass candle holder with the aim of being able to dramatically change the mood of a room.

"Glass carries an innate sense of preciousness and sophistication and can be shaped to give rise to sinuous and delicate forms, either through hand blowing or moulds."

"Glassware can significantly influence the mood and atmosphere of an interior space: variations in transparency, refraction, and reflection that glass offers add a unique dimension of depth and beauty to interiors."

red Diptyque candle
The base fits under the candle

The candle holder has a glass lid that fits neatly beneath the base, and the collection includes a snuffer and wick trimmer.

The coloured holders, which come in blue, red, green, grey and orange, can be refilled with one of five scented wax blocks that were created with five locations around the globe in mind – Nymphées Merveilles (Milan), La Forêt Rêve (Mexico), Temple des Mousses (Kyoto), La Vallée du Temps (China) and Terres Blondes (Colorado).

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The photography is courtesy of Diptyque.